Current News

2007/12/29: New Norsemen Screenshot

2007/11/20: Northman in Development:

A first screenshot:

2007/09/02: indian blenderfiles for download

indianmodels.tar.bz2 ~2.5MB

2007/09/01: linux version of the sST-LD patch

patch sST-Patch

2007/07/11: new blender export script

Weedkiller has written a new blender export script for glest .xml.
You don't have to apply scale and rotation now and the things are exported the way you see them in blender.
( Untested: some other ways of animating should work now )

Read the comments in the scriptfile to get more info. ~0.1MB

2007/07/03: Indians released

The indians v1.0 ( tested on linux, but should work on all platforms ):
( no more downloads, its all in the megapack now )
   Unpack the indians to glest/techs/magitech/factions
   and unpack the new ressource 'housing' to glest/techs/magitech/resources
   ( and don't forget to play it in the jungle ;-) )

2007/07/02: titusgames with frames

2007/05/29: Indians!!! They are nearly finished

The indians v0.9 ( tested on linux, but should work on all platforms ):
Downloads removed, it's released!

2007/05/28: new blender export script ( exporting animations works for newer blenders!! )

I and someone called weedkiller have written a new blender export script for glest .xml.
It can export animations when they are made with the blender armature system.
!!! attention, the usage with non animating models has changed, you have to set
start frame and end frame to '1' now.

Read the comments in the scriptfile to get more info. ~0.1MB

2007/05/26: linux(unix) versions of others work

Star Ship Troopers: Last Defense Mod sST

I have built a corrected and linux friendly version (It's windows friendly too!) without installer and
corrected filenames ( case sensitivity problems ).
Download SSTLD.tar.bz2 ~49MB and install it following the included install.txt.
To play choose the new techtree, the new map gourge and the new tileset sand
( 2007/09/01 update: sST-patch.tar.gz ~0.1MB or ~0.1MB unpack it into your glest direrctory)

A new race called science:

Corrected a lot of filename case sensitivity problems.
Unpack this to glest/techs/magitech/factions:
science_linux_20070526.tar.bzip2 ~16.6MB

2007/05/06: tileset jungle release ~6MB
tileset_jungle_v1.0.tar.bz2 ~5.5MB
Download and unpack it into your "tileset"-directory in your glest installation. Then choose tileset "jungle" in the game and play a level. screenshot

2007/05/02: Blender xml-export fixed

Fixed the blender exportscript for blender v2.43. Works for both, old and new blender!

2007/04/22: started a new race: indians

2007/04/18: Something new ..... my first tileset:

downloads removed, it's released ( see megapack above ) 2007/04/23: v0.4
                  v0.4 includes:
                   - new ambiente jungle sound for night/day.
                   - some new textures
                   - a flowered tree

Here is a picture from v0.3:
2007/04/20 it's nearly finished v0.3: (downloads removed) ~2MB blender files/textures

2007/04/19 v0.2: (downloads removed)

2007/04/18 v0.1: first picture (downloads removed)

This is my first mod for the free game glest ( glest-wiki )

It's playable but it's in development. There are 4 new units.
- a wild_sow ( with new textures / new sounds )
- an evil dragon ( new textures / some new sounds and modified shot - very desructive ! )
- a green ghost
- a black bull ( with new textures / sounds )

I think the humans / magics are still balanced.

You can try the modified glest if you want. Simply rescue your techs-directory in your glest installation
( rename it to something like techs_original ) and try the one from the archive below.
( no more download )

Some new Maps:

2007/02/11 - TT_2vs2_islands.gbm
2007/02/01 - TT_Goldrush.gbm
2007/02/01 - TT_ImMoor.gbm

Good maps made by my son Philipp (age:9 photo:left):
2007/02/11 - PhilippSumpf.gbm
2007/02/05 - Philipp2.gbm
2007/02/04 - Philipp5.gbm

   Do you have any comments? new maps ... please mail them to:             ( sorry, ugly syntax to prevent spam )